About LumiLedShop

About LumiLedShop

LumiLedShop is an LED wholesaler and manufacturer that is based in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. 
Our assortment consists of a wide range of LED spots suitable for outdoor & indoor. One of the qualities that sets us apart from other businesses in this sector is that we supply specialized sets of LED lights for verandas, green houses, conservatories and other glazed aluminium structures that are particularly easy to install (Plug & Play system).

We work hard to create the best lighting solutions for your company so that you can deliver quality products to your customers with the ease of fast installation. All at wholesale prices.

Here at LumiLedShop we always strive towards delivering the highest standards of quality. This means that each and every single product – down to the very last LED spot – is manually tested in our storage facilities before they are shipped out.

We are a young and dynamic company that wants to share it's vision and enthusiasm regarding these energie effecient products throughout Europe.


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